“You are a snake”- Samklef blast Simi over tweet on Tems

Samklef, a music producer, has continued to criticize Simi, a popular female singer, for her response to his recent tweet about Tems butt

Remember how Samklef posted on social media that he can’t wait to get his hands on Tem’s buttocks? His comment was met with a barrage of criticism from all sides.

Simi, who was one of those who spoke out against Samklef’s message, received a harsh response from him.

The music mogul proceeded to vent his wrath on Simi in a live stream.

He maintained that he was the one who educated and groomed Simi, and that instead of being thankful, she was disrespectful. Simi was often referred to as an ingrate by Samklef.

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Watch the video below: