Trump – Virus Defense Is Often an Attack and the Target Is always a Woman


American president has now insulted part of the long list of women:

The governor, A writer, The general engine chief and the House speaker.

President Trump often paid attention to a perceived enemy while he was battling a pandemic:

Those he felt threatened him and women in particular.

Such a mess with Mary B., “he tweeted last week, criticizing General Motors ‘female chief executive Mary T. Barra, accusing the corporation of dragging its feet on manufacturing fans.

“It never seems as ordinary with ‘This’ General Motors,” he wrote, “The G.M.

It obviously refers to that led by an American car manufacturer’s first female chief executive.
Ms. Barra was called at least he described.

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“We’ve had a big problem with the young, a woman governor,” he said in an interview last week with Sean Hannity, the Fox News host.

“You know who I’m talking about, from Michigan.”

The president dismissed Ms. Whitmer, who has been pressing the federal government to provide more medical equipment to her state,

noting that she was a new governor and it had “not been pleasant.”

When it came to Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan’s Democratic Governor, who delivered her party’s official response to his State of the Union 
address earlier this year and pushed for national emergency declaration in her state, Mr. Trump did not recognize her by name.

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