Insurance Options for Early Retirees

Epidemics have taught us that you must plan for self-sufficiency, Insured And Financially strong To survive the unknown.

If you are retiring early or planning. As I retired earlier., Then it’s a good idea to be proactive and plan for the unknown. At any time, an emergency, accident, lawsuit, or natural disaster can kill us and destroy our lives. if you He lost his income during the epidemic., These words are very real to you. if you Divorced and / or single mother., You can be even more overwhelmed.

There are many insurance options for your safety. There are four common types of health insurance, life insurance, long term care insurance and umbrella insurance that most people consider, and it is no different for early retirees.

Health insurance

Health insurance is offered through many workplaces and is usually heavily subsidized by the employer. This means that if your monthly premium was $ 500, the actual value before your employer’s contribution could have been 1,000 or more.

Once you no longer work for an organization, you will need to look at other sources of health insurance. Of course, if your spouse works for an organization that offers health insurance, you can use it, especially if it is highly subsidized.

Health insurance plans are also available through Public Marketplace (Affordable Care Act), private insurance companies and health sharing plans. Depending on your annual income from inactive sources and / or capital, you may not be eligible for insurance through the public market. Private insurance companies include large suppliers with household names. Finally, health sharing plans are member-based in which groups of people come together and share medical expenses.

Life insurance

Life insurance is a hot topic among early retirees. Fire community. Some people believe that once you are financially free from large nest eggs, you become insured yourself. Meaning, if something is going to happen to you, your family can take care of your last needs and leave the money to the people you want. Others always believe in having a life insurance policy no matter what. Life insurance Available through many insurance companies across the country.

Long term care insurance.

Long term care insurance. Policies cover nursing and custody costs in old age. One must consider whether they intend to dispose of their assets at the end of their life or if they wish to leave the assets as an inheritance or gift. Similarly, for life insurance, early retirees must decide how much they want to spend on their expenses versus policies.

Umbrella insurance.

There is another type of insurance that involves additional personal claims such as litigation. Wealthy people may consider an additional type of insurance called personal liability or umbrella insurance. Umbrella insurance is when your homeowner or auto liability insurance is not enough. It not only provides coverage of injury and damage but can also be prosecuted for defamation, slander and many other reasons.

For example, you make cookies for your child’s class and a student gets sick and their parents sue you. The umbrella policy can cover the costs of defending you against a lawsuit in court or also help pay for a legal settlement.

Umbrella insurance rates can be obtained from the same insurer of your home and / or auto policy. They will first increase the liability limit for home and auto policies (resulting in a slight increase in premiums) then add a new umbrella policy. Most policies start at ڈالر 1 million and are much cheaper than you think.

One policy at a time.

There are many types of insurance to protect us from unknown life events.

Health, life, longevity and umbrella are just a few of the types I have considered for my family’s needs.

Be proactive and discuss your needs with your family. Take out an insurance policy one at a time to prevent any worries about the unknown or too much emotion.

As you consider the various insurance options, it may be a good time to take a closer look at your financial situation. I recommend using the Free Personal Capital Dashboard to track all your financial accounts in one place. On the way to early retirement, I’ve used free tools to create budgets, analyze my investments, and ultimately gain financial independence.

Start with personal capital.

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