How to change careers in 12 months (or less)

After a decade as a pastor, I realized in May 2018 that I was ready to make a tremendous change in my career in personal finance education.

I’ve always loved writing, so first I wanted to see if I could make money writing about personal finances. But I made a promise to myself. Within a year, I Was I am going to do a day job where I helped people to manage their money wisely. The only question was what the potential was.

So I set a deadline for myself. If I hadn’t figured out a way to make money by May 2019. Freelance writer To pay the bills, I will receive a certificate as a teacher and apply to become an economics teacher at local high schools.

Move forward twelve months. This past May. What Quit my day job In a span of one year, I managed to make a full-time income in a career I had no previous experience with.

How did i do that More importantly, how do you turn around? Your Dream of really working as soon as possible?

Allow yourself to make mistakes.

When I first decided that I wanted my day job to be in the place of personal finances, I honestly had no idea what job I should take. Here are just a few options I considered:

  • Getting my CFP certification so I can become a financial planner.
  • Becoming a financial coach.
  • Obtaining a certificate as an ACF approved consultant.
  • Becoming a high school or college teacher.
  • Become a financial aid consultant.
  • Starting a personal finance blog.
  • The podcast is starting.
  • Starting a YouTube channel.

Does it look like I was just throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what would stick? Yes, he did.

I was so frustrated that I just “didn’t know” what my path was. There were so many days that I got a headache and just tried to consider all the options.

So how did I move forward? I just started experimenting with things and I asked myself if it was okay if they didn’t go out. Remember the idea of ​​financial coaching? Yes, I paid a lot for a “Financial Coach Training” course which was a complete waste of money and time.

Blog idea? I tested it for size in May when I launched. My website. And I thought bidding it could be my full-time income.

I was wrong.

But before I get too far off the trail of the “greatest achievements” of my mistakes, let me get to my point. Believe it or not, I didn’t let these mistakes or miscalculations discourage me.

Mine General Passion It gave me enough ground to make the decision. Specific work. I knew I would eventually find my “niche” and I allowed myself to pick the wrong door before finding the right one.

And in the case of my blog, yes it wasn’t going to make any money for me as soon as I realized it could. But what I wrote for my site later helped to land clients.

Meet people

I know this saying is used a lot, but there is a lot of truth in this saying: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

In my case, I wanted to enter the personal finance media field. I wanted to meet people who were already in that space.

I wasn’t sure how to do it. But I just called it the “Personal Finance Bloggers Conference” and the Boom, a conference. فنکن۔ My search results first popped up. I had never heard of FinCon before, but the conference seemed legitimate. So I paid for the ticket and didn’t know what to expect.

Little did I know that I would have the opportunity to sit down and present myself to more than 20 different editors of large and small publications. So I sat down and did my best to gain the trust and knowledge of a guy who had zero pay writing experience.

I smiled, tried to show my passion, and told them to take a chance on me. I even remember telling some of them that they were lucky because I was a new writer and they can get me on discount now.

Yes, I did.

It took me years in the cold email patches to create the kind of traction I could create in 15 minutes in Funkin. I followed everyone I met in Funkon and I was able to get my first writing client in November.

And over the next seven months, I managed to make a full-time written income, in almost all respects. Literally, every client but the one I’ve landed so far has come as a result of the relationships I built there.

If you want to enter a new field, it’s great to read blog posts (please read them, because it helps people like me to pay the bill), but there’s nothing like them Matching effect can change what you already want to do.

  • If you want to start a restaurant, offer to take the local restaurant owner to dinner.
  • Find out if you want to be a personal trainer. Local meetings or conferences. And know the people who are successful.

Choose their minds. Become part of the “community”. I really believe that career is the key to success in almost every career field.

Prepare for your “worst case scenario”.

I think one of the biggest reasons is that we as human beings don’t take too much risk, we just fear what could go wrong.

“Unknown” issues frighten us more than issues we are already aware of in our current situation; whether logical or not. But one way to overcome this fear is to be honest about yourself. Your worst case scenario Will be.

When I first started writing, my worst situation was that I probably couldn’t make any money on it and had to become a teacher instead. And, frankly, once he got into it, the worst thing that could have happened was that I realized that the “worst case” wasn’t really that bad.

And it helped me go through my analysis of paralysis.

Now that I’m a full-time writer, my “worst case” scenario would be that a ton of my clients decided to dump me at once and I have a few months where my bills exceed my income. ۔

But to help alleviate that anxiety, I saved every penny of my freelance income until I started full time. By doing so, I was able to. Save an emergency fund. About a year’s income.

So, the “worst case scenario” is not really worth worrying about.

Think carefully about the worst things that can happen during your career change and prepare for it. And I promise it will help you get out with confidence and the bold tricks you need to make to succeed.

The first step

If you are dying to find a new career, you can do it! But to be fair, not every career can move as fast as I was able to move in freelance writing.

Want to be a doctor? Sorry, any advice I, or anyone else, can make possible in 12 months or less. Some careers come with built-in education and certification requirements that will only take time to earn.

But you did Can All you have to do in the next 12 months is take the first step in the right direction. And, for careers with fewer barriers to entry, here are some action steps you can take in the right direction.

  • Educate yourself.: Are there courses that you can take or earn a certificate so that you can take advantage of others for the same job opportunities?
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to influencers.: When I was in college, I did a course in which every student needed to interview the CEO of a company that would one day be our “dream job.” We all thought our professor was crazy. But it turned out that each of us was able to complete the assignment and had the opportunity to choose the minds of smart and talented people. And some of my classmates even took management positions at big companies like Southwest Airlines and FedEx as a result of the relationships that started with these simple phone calls. That is, Tim Ferris teaches his Princeton students e-mail answers from powerful people.
  • Work for free.: My first written assignment was a free guest post. No, I didn’t make any money, but it gave me my first byline and valuable experience. You may find similar opportunities. Can you volunteer one day a week for the business you want to enter? At the very least, it can help you learn more about your career. And, who knows – it could turn into job opportunities too!
  • Update your resume and LinkedIn profile.: Reshape your skills and experience to highlight things about yourself that will be attractive to clients in your targeted career field. And, as you gain experience on a voluntary or paid basis, be sure to update your resume and profiles to reflect that.
  • Take advantage of your existing network.: Yes, it is important to meet new people. But you may have existing relationships that can help you along the way. Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for help!

Don’t let your lack of experience stop you from pursuing a new career. By being proactive and taking action, you can change careers much faster than you think.