Government Suggests “Dry Covid” [Read More]

Government Suggests "Dry Covid"
Barman pouring hard spirit into glasses in detail

Off-licenses are not necessary – they could lead to more protection for our country than virtually every other policy action by closing them during the corona-virus pandemic Alcohol strategy was often incoherent;

for example, the buying of alcohol at gas stations is probable, but drunken drives are contrary to the law.

The new appointment of off-licences in the coronavirus pandemic is a common source of misunderstanding.

There is only one category which needs alcohol absolutely: alcoholics.

Some sudden interruption in their consumption may be fatal to people with drug dependencies; for the rest of us drug is a privilege.

So why did the government find this important?

His motives are fairly transparent. It would be unprecedented for them to make alcoholics a priority as the resources that they need to recover safely have reduced their budgets annually for a decade.

More likely, it is the lobbying of the Alcohol industry which the government finds it very hard to avoid for some reason that the decision to designate non-limitation as important retailers is.

Our lobbying success was already apparent as alcohol was cheaper than it ever was in relation to wages, as the industry retained a low excise duty.

Evidence is already emerging of the rise in alcohol consumption during this crisis with a surge in sales of over 50%.


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