EPL : Arteta decides on Aubameyang’s status as Arsenal captain

Despite his disciplinary problems last weekend, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has opted not to exclude Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from captaincy duties, according to the UK Sun.

After breaking the club’s rules by being late to a team meeting ahead of the game, Aubameyang was benched for Arsenal’s Premier League derby win against Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday.

Throughout the match at Emirates, the Gabonese international looked enraged on the bench.

He opted to leave the Stadium early rather than participate in the post-match warm-up.

Some speculated that Arteta would revoke Aubameyang’s captaincy in order to further punish the 31-year-old for his actions.

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Arteta, on the other hand, believes the problem has been resolved and has no need to pursue it further against Aubameyang.

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has been praised for his decision to bench Aubameyang, with a number of high-profile people praising his management abilities.

Rio Ferdinand, a former Manchester United centre-back, responded to the news by saying:

“It was a massive decision from Arteta. It’s the derby, man! Against Spurs, local rivals.

“But I think he’s thinking of the bigger picture: ‘I have to make my squad aware and well aware that punctuality, among other things, has to be on point.

The captain was late, and he’s going to have to sit like everybody else on the bench for this game, I’m afraid.”