6 free lottery draws to win money

He says the best things in life are free, and it’s definitely a lottery lottery. Here are the best lotteries to play and how much money you can win.

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We all like to imagine what we would do if we won the national lottery, but the fact is that you won five times. Lightning is more likely. Compared to jackpot bags. And, with a ticket worth two whole pounds, chances are you’ll actually lose money instead of playing the lottery.

But not so with free lotteries. They draw lots. It doesn’t cost anything to enter. And your chances of winning are often much higher, than they are in paid lotteries.

We’ve worked hard for you and created a list of the best free lotteries, from postcodes to your date of birth, and even your favorite emojis.

  • Select my postcode.

    Select my postcode logo.

    How much can you win? + 200+ for the main draw.
    How often are the winners drawn? Daily
    Do you need to claim your prize to win? Yes.

    Choose My Postcode (formerly free postcode lottery, and not related to People’s Post Cotri Lottery) is one of the largest and best sites for free online lottery games.

    Despite the name change, Pick Post My Postcode is still a free postcode lottery and catches at least پون 200 per day. Corona virus epidemic).

    Every afternoon, random UK postcodes are selected from my postcode user database. However, the winners. You must be logged in to the site. And claim to receive their reward – otherwise, it goes on until the next day. On the other hand, if multiple users have the same winning postcode and all claim, the money is evenly distributed among them.

    You can. Promote your potential prize pot. With a 1p bonus for each day you visit the site to check the winning postcode, and there are prizes ranging from £ 5 to £ 150 with four additional lotteries on the site.

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  • Freemoji Lottery.

    Freemoji lottery logo.

    How much can you win? مرکزی 20 for main draw.
    How often are the winners drawn? Daily
    Do you need to claim your prize to win? Yes.

    Don’t be fooled by the fact that the prize is in dollars – Fremoji Lottery is headquartered in the UK and the lottery is open to anyone living in the country.

    When you sign up for the Freemoji Lottery, you have to choose five emojis that you will enter into the 7pm lottery each day. You can choose the five of your choice, although if it were for us we would have a sun face, a right hand gesture, eyes, a thinking face and a praying hand (and yes, you What We have to donate our money if this combination wins you a jackpot).

    Freemoji Lottery sends you an email every day reminding you to check out the site, and it’s definitely worth it – even if your scroll pops up. Actively claim rewards. To win. If not, the money goes to the next day, the final amount often reaches hundreds, if not more than a thousand, dollars.

    In addition to the main draw, Freemoji Five Draw also runs. This secondary contest draws five emoji combinations every day, but in return you are five times more likely to win, with only ڈالر 5 to catch if your line comes up.

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  • Free Birth Date Lottery.

    Free Birth Date Lottery Logo.

    How much can you win? 10 for the main draw.
    How often are the winners drawn? Daily
    Do you need to claim your prize to win? Yes.

    You can choose your favorite emojis and to a certain extent, you can choose where you live. But your date of birth depends on luck, so, in some ways, it assures you that your chances of winning the free birth date lottery are out of your hands.

    As the name suggests, every day in the Free Birthday Lottery, the team draws a random date from the past, and if it’s your birthday, you win the £ 10 jackpot.

    Like Pick My Postcode, the free Birth Date Lottery will only select the date of birth from a database of registered users, ie no Should Win every day. However, like Pick My Postcode (and most other free lottery draws), there are eligible winners. It is important to claim their reward To win.

    یہ 10 does not expire if this claim is not made, and if multiple users successfully claim a reward, it will be split between them. But a cursory glance at past results shows that most people never bother to claim, so if your birthday comes you will get the full amount.

    The free birth date lottery also draws a daily survey, under which you must complete a quick questionnaire before showing another date of birth. All the rules apply here (including the prize fund), and it seems that very few people claim the jackpot in this lottery.

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    If you don’t mind answering one or two questions, you should check out our guide. Best paid survey sites.
  • Lucky Emoji

    Lucky emoji logo

    How much can you win? £ 10+.
    How often are the winners drawn? Daily
    Do you need to claim your prize to win? Yes.

    Can’t find lots of emoji based lotteries? We know the feeling. And, fortunately, there’s another one waiting for you to sign up and play: Lucky Emoji.

    Unlike the Freemoji Lottery, where you need to pick up five emojis, you only need to go for Lucky Emoji for three. The choice of emojis to choose from is also small but, easily, three of the five we have chosen for Freemoji are still available.

    Plus, you’ll need to manually enter the lottery every day, either pick your three emojis or go for a lucky dip.

    Again, if all three of your emojis appear, you’ll need to claim a prize, and if no one moves forward, the £ 10 jackpot doesn’t end. But if you want a little extra. Free money, You can increase your bonus by getting your friends to sign up via your referral link (which will win your combo).

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  • Selfie lottery

    Selfie lottery logo

    How much can you win? £ 10+.
    How often are the winners drawn? Daily
    Do you need to claim your prize to win? Yes.

    Never let anyone know that taking selfies is a waste of time. In addition to being one of the many ways you can increase your following and. Make Money on Social Media, Your carefully designed mug shots can give you a jackpot in the selfie lottery.

    In fact, the selfie lottery is not much different from the other free lotteries on this list. When you register, you submit the same selfie that enters each lottery. A new winner is selected each day at 1 p.m., and the lucky user has 24 hours to claim their prize. So far, so standard.

    But it’s the bonus scale that really sets the selfie lottery apart. Like completing work. Taking surveys, For registration Free trials Or even just following the company on Facebook, you can increase your bonus by hundreds of pounds.

    One word for the wise, though – like any free lottery, you won’t get your bonus until you win. Since there is no guarantee that this will ever happen, we would advise against completing any bonuses for which you need to spend money, even if it is just a few bucks. That’s all. Make moneyDon’t lose it.

    It is also worth noting that, if you win, the selfie lottery may ask you to post your selfie on their social channels. However, they have confirmed to us that if you do not agree, you can ask them not to do so.

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  • Free National Lotto.

    Free national lotto logo.

    How much can you win? For the main draw – 5-20.
    How often are the winners drawn? Daily
    Do you need to claim your prize to win? Yes.

    The Free National Lotto is almost identical to the standard national lottery, despite some significant differences.

    For starters, when you sign up for the Free National Lotto, you need to select five numbers to play. Every lottery (Unlike paid lotteries, where you can change as often as you like), and no bonus balls.

    Secondly, but more importantly, There is always a winner On Free National Lotto, like some of the free lotteries mentioned above, only sets of numbers selected by free National Lotto users will be drawn – it’s just a matter of whether they claim their prize on time or not. ۔ The next day, the amount reaches a maximum of £ 20).

    There are two additional lotteries on the Free National Lotto: a daily survey draw (where you need to complete a survey to indicate winning numbers, hopefully a bag of 5 bags) and what is known as a 5 ball.

    Unlike the Main and Survey draws, 5 Ball draws and matures only twice a week. Completely random – They are not just selected by the user’s choice.

    This means that your chances of winning are much worse than in the main draw. One of 658,008.), Which can explain why – as far as we can see on the results page – only a few people have ever won (and have not claimed their prize), and the jackpot max. 2,000 has been reached.

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  • The woman is smiling on the phone

    Credit: Way Home Studio Shutter stock.

    Getting free money. Sounds great to be true. How can free lottery websites pay hundreds, or even thousands of pounds in jackpots when you are not paying a penny to enter? The answer is simple: advertising.

    Like newspapers and social media networks, the majority of free lottery sites earn their income through advertising. From your bog standard ad on this web page, it can come in a variety of ways to receive payment whenever a user signs up for the service through their link. Make Money From Your Blog).

    The fact that free lottery sites are funded by advertisements also explains why most of them require you to visit the site and draw lots so that you can claim your prize. Lottery sites need to maintain a fairly high level of traffic to ensure that companies continue to advertise with you – so you are asked to visit them every day.

    While we have been careful to include only free lotteries that we know are safe and legal, one corner of the Internet where money is being given away for free is bound to attract attention. Online scammers.

    As you should, whenever you are considering handing over your personal or financial details to a company you have never heard of, it’s a good idea to do some background checks first.

    We recommend googling the company, looking at reviews on sites like Trust Pilot and even searching for the company’s name on Twitter to get people to say what they want.

    If there is any doubt about the legitimacy of the free lottery, it is better to clear – no potential jackpot is worth the risk of losing every penny in your name!