Scholarships in Canada: University of Montreal Scholarships for International Students


One of the best universities in Canada for both domestic and foreign students is University of Montreal.
Students from all over the world can apply for undergraduate and graduate scholarships through it. This award is new and available to a wide range of students.
Montreal University is the organization.
Nation: Canada
Studies at the undergraduate and graduate levels
All nationalities are eligible.
Date of Closing: September 2022

Welfare for the Undergraduate Scholarship-BSc :
The only factor used to evaluate your application and calculate the scholarship amount is the quality of your academic record. The analysis’s findings are categorized into the following three levels:
1. Level A: $399 each credit, $5,999 every session (15 credits), or $11,998 per year (2 sessions, equal to 30 credits).
2. Level B: $5,718 annually (two sessions, or 30 credits), $2,859 each session, or $190.60 each credit
3. Level C: $2,000 annually (two sessions, or 30 credits), $1,000 annually (fifteen credits), or $66.67 annually

Welfare for the Postgraduate Scholarship-MSc :
As an international student pursuing graduate studies, you may be eligible for a partial exemption scholarship from the extra tuition fees that are often assessed to such students.

$3,140 each session or $9,420 annually (three sessions, or 45 credits) (equivalent to 15 credits)
This sum is applied to the annual tuition of $27,300. (45 credits).

Welfare for the Postgraduate Scholarship-PhD :
An whole waiver of the extra tuition fees typically applied to overseas students is offered to assist you in pursuing your graduate studies.
With the help of this exemption bursary, you can pay the same tuition costs as graduate students in Québec.
1. For the course of your studies, you will pay $19,339 each year (3 sessions, or 45 credits), or $6,546 per session (15 credits).
Eligibility Requirements:
International students are required to apply.
Award is available for the University’s specified undergraduate, graduate, and PhD programs.
You must apply for admission if you have an offer to enroll in full-time undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral studies at the University of Montreal.
Candidates who are neither citizens of Canada nor permanent residents but who have a study permit.
applicants who want to enroll full-time in a program of study during their academic career.
Candidates who won’t gain access to another policy or measure that would spare them from paying tuition. For instance, students who speak French or Belgian Francophone already receive this type of exemption.
NOTE: Applicants must show proof that they have at least the minimal level of English language ability needed by the University of Montreal.

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