Education in the United States is quite expensive and not very affordable for a large number of people who want to study in the country.

With the consideration of both cost and quality in mind, a compilation of universities with the most affordable fees was made to make college selections easier and narrowed down to the financial expectations of many international students.

Here are 6  universities in the United States that are definitely pocket friendly!


  1. South Texas College: This community college is located in the Rio grande valley region of South Texas.

Established in 1993, it offers degrees in more than 30 fields of study.

With an average tuition fee of $4,600 a year, it is the perfect school for a person trying to cut costs.


  1. University Of The People: Asides being one of the most student oriented universities in world, it is also one of the cheapest in the United States for international students.

Located in Pasadena, California is known to be a tuition free and accredited online university.

The tuition fee is free. However, an assessment fee per course is required.

Even with the associates degree accruing at $2060 and the bachelor’s degree at $4060, it is still has one of the lowest tuition fees for international students in the USA.


  1. California State University: Also referred to as Long Beach, this university has over 20 branches across the state of California.

This is arguably the cheapest university in California for international students.

It is also one of the cheapest medical universities in the USA.

With majors like Marketing, business management, Visual and performing arts and a tuition fee of $8,151 a year this school is perfect for anyone on a an educational budget!


  1. Alcorn State University: Located in Mississippi, this institution is well known for offering over 50 degree programs to thousands of students with diverse ethnicities.

With it’s flexible education system of letting it’s students spend a semester in an entirely different continent and engage in video conferences with multinational corporations, it is a wonder that this university can be counted amongst one of the affordable universities in the United States of America.

The tuition fee borders around the sum of $6,888 a year.


  1. Minot State University: If you crave a close knit relationship with your teachers then this university is perfect for you.

Located in North Dakota, the management of this university ensures a student–teacher ratio of 14:1.

It is a great and affordable university for international students intending to do their masters.

With degree programs in courses like; Social work, Finance and criminal justice, Education and a tuition fee of $6,809 per annum, It can be said that this one of the most affordable and student friendly universities in the USA.


  1. Arkansas State University: With an acceptance rate of 70.2% , this doctoral level institution can be identified as one of the low cost colleges in the United States for international students.

The mission of this great university is for educate students, enrich lives and enhance the intellectual capacities of the students.

The university has a diverse student body from across the nation and worldwide.

Boasting of more than 160 degree areas of study, and a tuition fee of $5,400 per annum this school is not only affordable but diversified as well.


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