If you’re considering earning a master’s in education and wondering what opportunities it presents or you just earned one and are currently stuck in the “what next?” Phase, we have the answers for you.


Before we forge ahead, let’s have a brief discussion on what an M.A in Education entails.


A master’s in education is a postgraduate degree that students can enroll in upon completing a bachelor’s degree. This degree is aimed at teaching instructional concepts and best techniques within the field of education.

It also explores topics like instructional design, distinguished learning, educational leadership, curriculum design, teaching for diverse and inclusive classrooms, and more.


This degree takes about two years to complete. The duration can differ, but you can expect most programs to run between 12-18 months long.


Here are a few jobs you can secure with your M.A in Education;


  1. School Administrator: In most countries, you need a master’s degree to be an administrative head of a school. This position is highly lucrative as you oversee the operations of an institution.
  2. Counsellor: This position involves overseeing the guidance and welfare of students. You can work at a university or a high school.
  3. Educational Researcher: If you don’t want to work in a school environment, you can also make a living as an educational researcher. They oversee the construction and restructuring of a curriculum.
  4. Private Tutor: With an M.A in education, you can freelance as a private tutor. They assist and encourage students through their learning process.
  5. Corporate Trainer: They specialize in educating teachers on new knowledge in the field. Introduce special skills and learning formulas to boost the standard of a school.
  6. Librarian: You can work in private or public organizations, assisting in finding information and conducting research.
  7. ESL Tutor: An ESL tutor specializes in teaching English to non-native speakers. This is also highly lucrative



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