Immigrants are individuals who seek entry into a country for the purpose of study, tourism, work or permanent residence. One can take up a few jobs that can be done during their stay. These jobs can come with visa sponsorship, accommodation and other incentives. Here are a few available jobs immigrants can apply for in the United States.

  1. Customer Service Representation
  2. Restaurant Chef
  3. Drivers – Company Bus or Truck Drivers
  4. Private Tutors
  5. Machine Operations
  6. Sales Personnel
  7. Security Officer

Websites where you can apply

  1. www.izito.ng
  2. www.slytoday.com
  3. www.shopwebly.com
  4. www.indeed.com

Qualifications for application

  1. The duration of your visa should last long enough to complete a work contract or apply for an extension of a permit.
  2. Your employer has to provide an employment based Green Card.
  3. You can also obtain a study permit of you also wish to study over there.

Guidelines to Secure The Job

  1. Be ready to compromise on job choices because the market is quite rough.
  2. You must be intentional about your career plan and the adjustments you can make to it along the way.
  3. Develop new skills as you go along the path of career change.
  4. Target companies that have the provisions for sponsorship.






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