The economic situation of the world today makes it difficult to afford and attain certain levels of education. Financial constraints are a big part of the inability for a lot of students–international and national–to pay for the education they need and deserve.

As the case may be, the need to cut off any form of additional payments and fees is most welcomed and appreciated.

And so with that in mind, Here are five universities in Canada that do not require application fees for international students;


University Of Alberta: Founded in 1908, with a location in Edmonton, this publicly funded university is quite prestigious and popular as well.

The university houses about 40,000 students and among them 8,000 are international students, making it one of the biggest universities in Canada.

It is largely recognized for it’s excellent academic success and astounding research in fields like nanotechnology, ecology, artificial intelligence and agriculture.

Even better is the fact that this university doesn’t charge application fees from international students, applying for graduate studies if they are from one of the United Nations list of least developed countries in the world.


Tyndale University; This is a Christian University based in Toronto, Ontario that was established over a 100 years ago.

The school is divided into two sects; a university and a seminary. It is considered to be the biggest seminary in Canada offering undergraduate, postgraduate and diplomas to students.

It arranges for students to have flexible choice when it comes to completing their chosen course.

Full-time, part-time, night classes, online training etc, are all accounted for.

The university charges no application fees to students who belong to Canada and the US.


Booth University College; Formerly known as The Salvation Army William and Catherine Booth University College, Booth University College is a liberal arts school, located in Winnipeg and was established in 1982.

With a 282 student population, Booth can be regarded as a small school.

The entire campus is divided into four departments namely;

  • Business
  • Social work
  • Humanities and social studies
  • Continuing studies

This quaint Canadian University requires no application fees from students with nationalities belonging to Canada and USA.


Royal Roads University: Located in British Columbia, Royal Roads is a publicly funded university established in 1995. It offers approximately 7 undergraduate programs and 3 postgraduate programs.

The university is also home to the historically famous Hatley castle, which has been used over the years to shoot quite a number of TV shows and movies like; Arrow, Deadpool, Smallville and even The Professor.

This Canadian University is known to charge no application fee to both international and domestic students who are applying for graduate and undergraduate programs


Oulton College: This local college is located in New Brunswick. It has a simple, easy to understand and free online application process.

For international students who don’t want to pay non-refundable fees, this is your best bet.



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