Every year, students worldwide come to Canada for its quality education, diverse and accommodating culture and so much more. In 2021, Canada welcomed more than 500,000 international students.

For many, studying in Canada is the ideal first effort to becoming a permanent resident while others seek to gain knowledge and return to their country.


Whichever category you fit in, it’s never too early to start planning and checking things off your list of necessities to enable you to become an international student in Canada.


Below are a few necessities that should be on your list.


  1. A Passport: This is an essential document that enables you to travel internationally. If you are yet to acquire one, visit the immigration in your home country and apply for one. If you do have a passport, make sure to check its expiry date and renew it if need be.
  2. A letter of acceptance: This document is to certify that you have been accepted into your designated institution of study. You need to provide this letter to obtain a study visa or permit.
  3. Financial plan: Another document you’ll need to obtain your study visa is a financial plan. This is usually referred to as proof of financial support. It is used to verify that you can financially support yourself while in the country.
    For students, you can show proof that you’ve paid your tuition or housing fees and if you are being sponsored by an organization, you are to present your letter of scholarship.
  4. Letter of Recommendation: This is usually written by a Guardian or Parent. If you gave someone who is studying or living in Canada, it is preferable that they write one for you.
  5. All Education Certificates: Keep a folder of all your educational certificates, from your first level of education to your secondary school certificate. Degrees, diplomas etc
    Ensure they are original copies as some institutions request them over duplicates.
  6. Personal photo identification card: Take official photographs of yourself and store them for future use.
  7. Medical insurance/ Health records: Before you travel, it is advised that you get your medical/ immunization records from your medical personnel. This makes it easier to get proper healthcare during your stay, especially if you have certain allergies or chronic illnesses and you need to refill your medications.
    Also, all international students in Canada are required to have medical insurance as not all provinces provide free health care.
  8. Winter gear: This is highly essential for all students relocating to Canada. Visit your local stores and get the necessary clothing that will keep you warm in the cold.
  9. A personal system: A laptop or tablet is essential for your studies
  10. Canadian bank account: You will need this to operate monetary transactions during your stay. It can only be acquired when you arrive, ensure to do research and find a bank that suits your needs.







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