Canada is home to over a million International students, making it one of the world’s most popular countries to study abroad.


In this article, we will list the most popular countries for international students. This might help you narrow down the cities you might be interested in studying in and give you a guide on what to expect.


Now let’s take a look;


TORONTO: Toronto is Canada’s largest city and home to over a million people. It is also one of its very diverse cities as many indigenous people reside there, making it very conducive for international students as they can easily find a home there.

It also offers a wide range of job opportunities for students and post-graduates.


OTTAWA: The capital of Canada. This city houses a lot of historical sights such as the National Gallery of Canada, the Rideau Canal etc.

If you are the outgoing type, then Ottawa might be the city for you.


VANCOUVER: This city lies on the west coast of Canada. It has a more temperate climate which is preferred by most International students. It also houses Canada’s border with the US Seattle.


MONTREAL: If you are fluent in French and would love to reside in a French environment, then this might be the city for you. It is considered to be the home of Art and Culture in Canada. There are over 50 festivals held in this city per year.


QUEBEC: One of the country’s oldest and most historical cities. The housing is affordable and very tourist friendly.


ALBERTA: Alberta is one of the cheapest places to study, making it very friendly for international students. You get to live comfortably and have fun on a budget.


MANITOBA: Another culturally diverse city with a good employment rate for students and post-graduates.


SASKATCHEWAN: A buzzing city with excellent business opportunities and low housing fee.






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