United Kingdom Universities provides the best of further education anywhere in the world. Everyone knows that quality of this standard is expensive, even too expensive for most scholars to access and benefit from. The ones that can apply for financial aid and sponsors from their family members. Scholarships become the only viable option and it is not easy to get as well.

Things to Verify  Before Applying

  1. Previous Application Records
  2. The course you want to apply for.
  3. The fulfillment of special requirements or availability of compulsory certificates.

Steps To Apply

  1. Find a course and select it.
  2. Submit the application.
  3. Obtain a student reference number.
  4. Accept the admission offer and register for the scholarship.

Scholarships at the University of London

  1. Unionlearn Bursary
  2. University of London Distance Learning Scholarship
  3. Bursary for Students living in India
  4. MBA UK/EU Bursary.
  5. Malaysian Bar Council Members Bursary
  6. Postgraduate Law Scholarship/Bursaries
  7. The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) Bursary
  8. Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance & Protection (PHAP) Bursary
  9. Canon Collins Scholarships
  10. Study Veterinary Sciences by Distance Learning
  11. Alumni Bursaries





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