Living and studying in any part of the world comes with its own fair share of financial constraints.

And with Europe being one of the most beautiful continents to live in, students arrive in droves.

Luckily, there are institutions that provide good and quality education at affordable rates.

With the purpose of empowering scholars all over the world, here are 5 universities in Europe where education comes cheap!


  1. Free University Of Berlin: From the name, I’m pretty sure you’ve guessed it. The tuition at the university is free!

However, you’ll be responsible for living costs like rent and food.

The university is one of the cheapest universities in Europe that teaches in English.

Best of all, it offers a Bachelor of Arts program that includes courses taught in English.

It really doesn’t get better than that!


  1. The University Of Vienna: Located in Vienna, Austria, this University was founded in 1365. It has a lot of history and is one of the oldest universities around.

The University of Vienna is tuition free and requires only a processing fee of 730 euros ($815) per semester.

There is a range of nearly 200 programs to choose from, with a large number taught in English.

The beautiful town of Vienna is quite famous for its intriguing culture and colorful nightlife. It would be the perfect place for you to study abroad.


  1. Nantes University: If you enjoy the beauty that is France, then Nantes University is the perfect choice for you.

This university has a variety of courses taught in English and tuition is free.

Although there is a requirement of a small processing fee of 184 euros ($200) per semester.

In addition to that, the cost of living here is moderately low.


  1. University Of Athens: This is the oldest university in all of Greece.

Bursting with rich history, this university has a range of undergraduate programs; from theatre studies to dentistry. Along with nursing, music studies and theology.

Being one of the cheapest universities in Europe, the tuition fees go for as low as $400.

Studying in a university and city that has so much history will leave you with a whole lot to learn and explore.

The average cost of living in Athens is $800 per month but with proper spending and cost management it could be as low as $500.


  1. University Of Basel: Located in Switzerland, this university is one of the cheapest in Europe.

It is also one of the oldest universities in the country and the world at large, with its founding date going as far back as 1460.

Boasting the largest library in the country, the school is home to diverse and varying programs like medicine, theology, law, humanities and psychology.

However, most of the courses are taught in German and English.

With a tuition fee for as low as $800 per semester,  learning German would definitely be worth it!



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