Where Can I Apply for a Canadian Visa


Are you looking to take a trip to Canada and you don’t how to acquire a visa or what is required; this is for you. For whatever reason you want to travel, it has its peculiar process attached to it. From filling of forms to submitting documents and making appointments with immigration lawyers (because you sure need one), as well as other requirements.

Why a Canadian Visa?

Who wouldn’t want legal access to the country’s:

  • Beautiful Sceneries
  • Quality and Affordable Education
  • Smooth Government Relations
  • Quality and Structured Economy and Workforce

Types of Visa

  • Work Visa (Permit)
  • Start-up Visa
  • Study Visa (Permit)
  • Tourist Visa
  • Permanent Residence Visa
  • Express Entry Visa
  • First and General Requirements for a Visa
  • Valid Passport

The duration of your passport’s validity must go beyond the time of  your proposed stay in Canada.

Passport Sized Photograph: It shouldn’t be older that 6 months and the standard size is 35mm X 45mm.

Credit Card: They need to be certain that means of payment is assured, so you must possess a slightly recent credit card for transactions.

Digital Scanner: Most applicants end up applying online due to easy access and distance barriers. The most preferred site for this purpose is Canada.ca.

Where to Apply



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