Canada Student Visa – How do I Apply


The Educational Sector of this great country gives you enough reason to grab every opportunity to become it’s beneficiary. It’s universities are internationally¬† recognized and held very highly for experiential learning methods and attendant career opportunities. Application for a study permit or visa is done from your home country after gaining admission form a DLI -Designated Learning Institution. The process is a bit simple but not easy and it takes a lot of patience, but here are the steps to take to apply.

  1. Obtain Admission from your choice school (DLI) – Designated Learning Institute: obtain all the admission requirements by providing your transcripts and proof of financial eligibility, then receive the admission letter. These universities take quite sometime to offer admissions but once they do, you can get your acceptance letter.
  2. Apply for the visa at Canada.ca or any other credible website. Be sure to have someone experienced beside you while doing so. Any mistake can set you back, big time.
  3. An accredited and certified doctor or qualified health personnel has to run some tests to confirm your medical status. These tests could be for COVID-19 or yellow fever.
  4. Any payment made must be with a standard credit card and proof of payment needs to be kept properly.

Student Direct Stream

This is a faster way to obtain this permit but it only applies to legal residents of some countries like the Costa Rica, Venezuela and the Philippines among others. It costs from a¬† $150 dollars upwards and the processing time is about 20days. Your biometrics are required as well as meeting all the conditions to required to prove you can travel. You must apply online with a credit or debit card,a scanner and an instruction card should be made available. These biometrics could also be sent to visa application centers, if it can’t be captured online. They are private set ups affiliated with the government to support or augment any visa application process.




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