Best Ways to Legally Migrate to Canada


Migration, especially to an amazing country like Canada, is one of the most familiar and relatable things happening today. Almost everything an individual wants and needs is found in abundance over there. Though it is really tasking to leave your home country for another, here are the best ways to legally get into Canada.

  1. Family Sponsorship: The Canadian government encourages and supports family reunion and togetherness and that’s why they have made provisions for a resident family member to easily sponsor you to go over there. However certain requirements must be met. He or she must be above 18 years and a citizen of good standing. He or she must also live in Canada at crucial times of the migration and citizenship process and must also be capable of taking care of the immigrant during his or her stay.
  2. Start -up Visa: This is for innovators and start-ups who want to take their businesses to new spaces. Canada looks to expand its economy with new enterprises as well as the employment benefits that come with it. The process starts with a work permit and ends with permanent Residency.
  3. Express Entry: Foreigners use this to acquire Permanent Residence. Express entry is mostly for the working class and individuals who can fill the vacancy in the labour market of the economy. Skilled and certified workers in any area, with some mastery of the English or French language, are qualified.
  4. programs that verify you to apply are:.
  • Canadian Express Class (CEC)
  • Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)
  • Federal Skilled Traders (FST)

      5. LMIA Work Visa

This is available to people who apply and land Canadian jobs, use the appointment as an opportunity to get a work visa, then leave. Permanent Residency can be obtained through this process. The hiring company or client has to apply for an LMIA and after which it is approved, the work permit will be set in place.

It is also highly advised to consult an immigration law firm for any other needs you might have during these processes.


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