MBA programs are one of the best ways to boost your skills in your specialized area and attain a better income. Unfortunately, these programs can be quite expensive, especially for an international student, however, there are available online MBA programs that are often cheaper with a more flexible schedule that allows you to work simultaneously.

To ease the stress of your research, we’ve compiled a list of the ten cheapest online MBA programs In Canada below;

  1. UNIVERSITE LAVAL: Their program is designed for working professionals and completed in 18 months. Tuition costs CAD 7000 per year.
  2. HEC MONTREAL: This is one of the top-ranked business schools in Canada. Located in Quebec, their online MBA program is one of the cheapest in Canada with their tuition fee at CAD 17,000 for a year and two months.
  3. QUEEN’S UNIVERSITY: Situated in Kingston, Ontario. This university offers an online MBA for 20 months at a fee of CAD 20,000.
  4. IVEY BUSINESS SCHOOL, WESTERN UNIVERSITY: Ivey’s online MBA is still one of the country’s affordable programs with a total cost of CAD 20,000.
  5. UNIVERSITY CANADA WEST: Located in Vancouver, Canada, their online program spans a two-year study term for a tuition fee of CAD 23,400.
  6. THE UNIVERSITY OF FREDERICTON: Situated in New Brunswick, its online program costs CAD 24,500 for a two-year study.
  7. LAURENTIAN UNIVERSITY: Located in Ontario, this public university offers its MBA online program for two years at a tuition fee of CAD 24,795.
  8. THOMPSON RIVERS UNIVERSITY: Situated in British Columbia, its online MBA program costs CAD 29,230 for two years.
  9. WHITMAN SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT: This online program is affordable, yet highly reputable in Canada, as it is accredited by AACSB international. The total cost for this program is CAD 30,000 for two years.
  10. ATHABASCA UNIVERSITY: Tuition fee costs CAD 48,865 for a two-year and six months program.



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