Oli McBurnie offers £20k reward after ‘rats’ stole his watch collection


Oli McBurnie, a striker for Sheffield United, has offered a £20,000 reward after criminals stole his watches, which he described as “rats.”

McBurnie, who claimed the £500,000 watch collection was stolen in a recent burglary, uploaded a snapshot of eight timepieces, including a gold Rolex.

The Scottish footballer penned the following:

“£20k cash if anyone lets me know anything that leads to the recovery of the watches or the rats that done it.”

Oli McBurnie of Sheffield United makes an offer?

Following the theft of?rats?, a reward of $20,000 was offered for a collection of 500,000 timepieces. Someon wrote.

He was trolled by rival football supporters. “This lad has more watches than goals,” one Twitter user wrote.

“I’ll keep an eye out for them,” said another. “I’ve actually got one, bought it off lucky happy dude on holiday for €5”, one quipped.

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See screenshot of his original post below :

Oli McBurnie stole