Chelsea Ceo Thomas hits out at fans for Roman Abramovich chants


Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has slammed fans who chanted Roman Abramovich’s name during a tribute to Ukraine at Turf Moor ahead of Saturday’s Premier League match.

Abramovich has put Chelsea up for sale in the wake of the international outcry over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which has brought the athletic world together in solidarity.

“This is not the time to do this,” he told reporters. Listen, if we express solidarity, we should do so as a group.

“We take the knee together, and if an important person from our club or another club unfortunately dies, we show a minute of respect.

It’s not the moment to give other messages. It’s the moment to show respect. We do this because this is what we are also as a club.

We show respect as a club, and we need our fans to commit to this minute of applause.

“At this moment, we do it for Ukraine, and there is no second opinion about the situation there.

They have our thoughts and our support. We should stand together as a club.

It’s not the moment for other messages.”

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